Financial support

Financial support

The Financial support module of the FCHO provides stakeholders with valuable information regarding EU funding programs managed centrally by the EU or by regional authorities. The module also covers national programs and financial tools.

Search function

The search function uses an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm and is not a traditional keyword search. This means that the search results go beyond the strict search criteria to discover new opportunities. For example, a search on electrolysis may lead to discovering funding related to Climate Change. Artificial intelligence search is most effective when several words are included.

Classification of Results

Results are categorised according to how well aligned they are with the search criteria entered: A (high alignment), B (some alignment), C (loosely aligned) or E (aligned to a selected type). By default, open A & B funding streams are presented first. Closed calls are also displayed in order to provide the user with background information on previous funding mechanisms. The user may tailor the results using the filters.

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